Animated Cloth [ Advice Requested ]

Hello developers,

Today I come to you seeking assistance with something I’d like to create. For the title screen in After The Flash: Mirage, I’d like to have a person standing on a sand dune, overlooking the horizon, with an animated poncho slowly flapping in the wind. I have no idea how to accomplish this in a way that isn’t buggy like crazy or would eat up an unnecessary amount of performance.


How would you accomplish this?


I’d probably simply use a beam between 2 parts and use a cloth texture. The part at the end of the cloth texture could move around to make it look like it’s moving.

You could try using a spritesheet. If I’m not mistaken there are plenty of tutorials/discussions on the devforum about using spritesheets to achieve this kind of effect.

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Well considering the new ROBLOX Avatar Evolution Update I think you could make the shirt into a mesh using blender or something and then animate it using the new features from the ROBLOX Avatar Evolution Update, you can view the ROBLOX Avatar Evolution Update here and can learn how to use it there too. Also here is an example of someone using the new mesh deformation feature from the ROBLOX Avatar Evolution Update to animate the mesh also here is the link to the example here.

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This Google drive doc can help you

Alternatively, you could use BallSocketConstraints, but it would seem like a bad idea performance-wise, considering you’d have to make a bunch of parts being affected by physics. It’s probably worth attempting though

Honestly do it this guys way it is way simpler than the way I suggested. Its simpler, but a bad idea performance wise.

Actually not very difficult, the person is easy enough, just set the persons location but the puncho there’s an easy fix. Get one puncho, augment it into 2/3+ different flaps in the wind, export each and interlope between them. This is what GTA 5 does with creased shirts.

Bit of a cheat and won’t look as smooth but…it’s roblox. You could try and simulate cloth physics but all I can say to that is ha, good luck.

Adding on from what @Cubic_Ralsei Said,

You could use advanced beam effects,
For example something by @UndoneBuilder,
It uses a beam with 2 scripts running.
2 CFrame related things to make the flag wave

I hope this helps you!

I am NOT endorsing this model, I am just providing it as an example to help.


Wait, how do you augument something have I been living under a rock, would you do this in blender???


Yes and yes, or Maya/Mudbox. Simple effect just move some nodes around buddy.
I haven’t looked into it but @Itsyourdriver way looks interesting so i’d give that a try.
I’ll be looking into that myself in the morning.

Oh heck yeah, for physics you can even use constrainted parts (like each part is a point on the cloth, invisible but still collidable).

Create the flapping cloth in Blender, render it to a 2D movie clip, and export the frames with transparency to use as decals which you loop through on render stepped.

Basically, just cheat and don’t do it in 3D at all.


I would loop based on time rather than framerate, if doing this. Something around 24fps could work fine. You can preload all the assets before it shows.

Sorry i’m new to the dev forum.

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That’s probably the best idea here. I’ll try to go about that. Thank you for that suggestion!