Animated Faces not working on profile picture

The animated faces such as “Stevie Standard” just use a default blank expression when using some emotes in your profile picture.
Here is an example of “Stevie Standard” with the “Hello” emote as a profile picture.

I am posting this as I am confused why when in game, they animated face works as expected.
I am using an example from “Jailbreak” however this emote works across all games, even my own which has not edited the face.

This has happened ever since animated faces where released.

Reproduction Steps:
Set an animated face (I tested the free ones, but I think they all do it)
Select an emote (You will see most work however, I have found Monkey, Salute, Shrug, Hello and Point2 do not work, there may also be more)
The face should show a blank expression (With a 100% reproduction rate on the emotes I have listed)

To be clear, I think the profile picture’s facial expression should match that of the emote.


I don’t mean to be drawing too much attention to this. However, is there an update on this? With the new announcement of pushing animated faces and removing classic faces. This will become a bigger problem, with people needing to use animated faces, more people will use a profile picture and animated face. It may take time to fix, but with what seems to be more animated faces releasing every day, it may be worth looking into. :sweat_smile:
Hopefully I didn’t seem too pushy

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Just following up on this again, but is there still no update on this issue? If not, then just confirmation that the issue is known would be nice. I find that this happens on the free emotes and faces, so it can limit how the profile picture can look when you don’t buy emotes.

Just saying again that I don’t want to rush anything, just confirmation that it is known would be nice.

A private message is associated with this bug report

Thanks for the report; We’ll follow up when we have an update for you;

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I’m assuming that the face for the profile picture being a blend of mood and emote is the intended behavior?

To add onto this topic, faces are now also incorrectly scaled for example on my profile picture you can see what the “Joyous Suprise” face should look like on my avatar.

Since recently it looks like this though.

Edit: Figured out that you have to select said face then unselect it at style. I still believe it should be correctly scaled if I want to have a animated face.

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