Animated Meshes from blender not following

Hello !

I read a tone of topics from here about animations and import blender animations in studio roblox but I have a problem that I can’t localise !

Here is my animations in Blender:

And here in roblox studio:

You can see that the eyes are not animated and moving with the head, same for the mouth.
I animated the eyes without bones by just scaling it.

I tried to weld, to modify with Edit Rig, but nothing works, and I’m tired…

So if someone has an idea, it would help me greatly !

Are they separate from the actual model? If they are then you have to weld them together.

And I’m pretty sure Roblox Animator doesn’t support scale in animations. You’d have to use bones.

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U need to Rig the Face onto the Head bone in blender then it will count as a body part. Dont just parent the face onto the mesh in blender becuz roblox studio wont read it as a body part

Thanks for the answer !

Yes I saw that it’s sad !
Because if i want to modify the Mesh form in the animation it’s messing up !

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