Animated Skinned Mesh Exported From Blender Into Roblox Looks Different When Played?

I have a model in Blender that is rigged and animated with a custom bone system. The model and animation can be exported and imported. But when playing the animation in studio once imported via Animation Editor>Import with FBX Animation the animation is different compared to blender (in blender the paws are stationary on the ground. But in roblox they are floating). How would I fix this?

Animation in Blender:
Note how the paws are flat and in full contact with the ground throughout the entire animation

Animation in Roblox:
In Roblox if you look closely at the the paws they lift up away from the ground making the entire torso move up in a funny motion rather than downward into the ground.

My Blender Export Settings:

This is the entire bone structure. Is this because I do not have a HumanoidRootNode?

Update. So I found out the bone count for some animations were off. For example the rig would have 36 bones but a few animations had 42. The differing bone count resulted in an incorrect animation when retargeted to the Rig in studio.