Animated spritesheets on MeshParts?

I wanted to script a texture’s offset on a MeshPart to make animated textures with spritesheets, and keep the possibility of having the MeshPart invisible while the texture is visible, but an issue I’ve come across is that Textures always use the UV’s that roblox automatically generates (they stick to one side), and I didn’t find any way to use the UV’s of the MeshPart instead.

  1. MeshPart with the correctly sized Texture, but it only projects on the top surface.

  2. Part with SpecialMesh and the same Texture on the Part, it does seemingly wrap around the correct UV’s and would be a possible solution, if it weren’t because the Texture offset doesn’t work with SpecialMesh objects.

  3. MeshPart with the TextureId as the TextureId, not useful given that the image would be a spritesheet.

Example 2 would be the closest possible answer, but it isn’t compatible with spritesheets due to its inability to use offset on textures.