Animated Textures Plugin [V1.1]

Animated Textures Plugin [V1.1]

Animated Textures Plugin V1.1 allows you to create and customize animated textures.


Custom Moving Directions: Lets you change the direction that the texture moves if standard moving is enabled.

Texture Optimization: Textures are optimized so that added lag is minimal, textures only move while they are in the player’s view

Perspective Shift: Lets the texture move when your camera moves.

Size Adjuster: Lets you change the size of the texture.

Transparency Adjuster: Changes the transparency of the texture.

Texture Names: Lets you name the texture in the explorer.


Preview Video

If you are interested in checking out the plugin you can get it here


Very interesting!

This will be handy for creating animated gun decals.


Very cool plugin.
I just wanted to suggest if it’s possible to add more options like render-distance and fps.


Yea, I should be able to add that pretty easily.


Looks nice! It’s gonna be nice to test it with the new material generator.

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This looks really useful! I’m also into it because of the optimization part.


does this plugin still work? for me it only works in preview mode, not in-game

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It seems to still work in a blank baseplate.

idk if this plugin will get any updates but using it spams errors and i was hoping i could use it in my game so is there any alternatives or a way to fix errors being spammed?