Animating a character made out of parts


Im wanting to make my character wave, but theres a problem: its entirely out of parts. Is there any way to animate the parts like a rig? I thought if i put a humanoid in it it may do it.

Yes see the roblox reference here:

For this you don’t need humanoid, only motor6d.

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Never heard of a motor6d, is it something i can insert in studio?

Edit: wait i have i remember, but i forgot how to use it.

Yes… you can look that up here lol:

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So i just connect all parts to the main and try to animate it?

It just says Rig Errors detected, i connect every part to the head.

Watch this short tutorial, its easier to explain that way:

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I cannot watch youtube. So, is there any other explanation i can get?

Ok try this tutorial out… found here in the resource center:

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