Animating Multiple Parts to create a bay door

Alright, so i am making a sort of realistic roleplay game. And one of the things i want to make is a sort of realistic opening bay door for a fire station.

On the image bellow you can see the door, and every part on it needs to be animated to open, and close.

My question is, what is the best way to do it, as hinges is not the best way in my opinion.
Thank you!


Do you want to just CFrame each door off to the side? Or make it actually animated and collapse?


I would like to animate it, to actually open.

Will this door open up in a 2 way fashion?

Uhm, what do you mean by that? :slight_smile:

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You can animate it, but I mean, do you want it like, barn doors, or collapsible doors (classroom dividers where the big panels fold onto one another).


Ok so, this is a folding door, as in the sides need to fold into each other creating a nice and compact double door.

On the image you can see, in black the center where the door splits, and the arrows point in each direction of where the door needs to open.

Simple tweening would not work as its a door, every part needs to follow each other.

Oh, sorry I didn’t think of that.

Don’t worry, thanks for your input tho! :slight_smile:

What I would suggest in that case is to physically animate the part, then to play this animation with an AnimationController with the help of Motor6Ds… That are using some advanced math to calculate the offset and angle of which to tween each parts physical CFrame property.

Alright, thanks for your help, this is going to be a first as i have never used animation controllers.

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i think the easiest solution would be to weld all the parts together.

the next step is to put an attachment on a doorframe just past the outermost part of the door (end of pink arrows), and another attachment on the innermost part (on both sides of the purple line).

then, you connect either a spring or torsion spring to the attachments. once you give the signal, you shorten the constrain until the door opens, and lengthen it to close it.

pretty neat if you ask me. i don’t think constraints get the attention they deserve.

you won’t have to do animating or anything, which personally i don’t even know how to do myself. i think this is a much more practical solution.


this meme was made by motor6D and animation hate gang


You used a hinge and spring constraint right? :skull:

that was the entire point of the post

Was asking to make sure because it looks like a really good method and i support the anti motor6d and animation propaganda lol.

might develop this concept further and make a few topics to further spread propaganda

there could be even more applications, already have a few in mind

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So you used hinges and placed them on either side of the parts?