Animating NPC's in Cutscenes

My partner and I have been working on our project lately, and are needing to make cutscenes with our different NPC characters walking, running, or doing something in the background, etc. I thought tweening might work but so far I’ve got no luck.

Any tips on how to animate cutscenes?


If you are talking in specific about camera movements, it may be worthwhile creating a module in which you feed in a table of tween positions, and it tweens for you.

On the topic of NPCs, you can use Animator:LoadAnimation() to load in the animations. (You could also pack info onto the same table as mentioned above, and write logic in the module to animate said characters)

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On the topic of NPC’s.

On the code “Animator: LoadAnimation()”, where would I put an animation ID to know when and what it plays?

This article should help you. However, Humanoid:LoadAnimation is now deprecated and any place that calls functions for the humanoid should be replaced with the Animator.

If what I said in that last sentence was confusing for you, read this post at the section “Reccomended Alternative”.

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Animator:LoadAnimation() takes an Animation Object. Create one in studio or by using"Animation") and set Animation.AnimationId to your animation ID, and then use it in Animator:LoadAnimation(). Here is an example script:

local Animation ="Animation") -- Create a new animation object.
Animation.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://0" -- This is NOT a valid animation id, just an example.

local Animator = Humanoid:WaitForChild("Animator") -- Waits for the Animator object to be put into humanoid, assuming you already have the Humanoid.

local LoadedAnimation = Animator:LoadAnimation(Animation) -- Loads the animation.

LoadedAnimation:Play() -- Plays the animation.

Just make sure when using animations, you use Server Scripts to run animations on NPC’s or other objects, and use LocalScripts to run animations on players.