Animating "Pets"

Alright- so I have rigged up my penguin, but when I go to animate the HumanRootPart, Torso and Head rotate instead of the “legs” or “arms” :

I used the “Custom Character Creator” plugin, and roblox’s animator.

I have never done this before- so I am extremely confused, I also was following this tutorial: Roblox Custom Character Creation and Animation! - YouTube


Did you named the motor6d with the correct names. Like right shoulder, left shoulder, left hip, right hip, neck, root hip?

I just tried that- and it didn’t help. image

Does your penguin falls apart when you hit play while the part is unanchored and in workspace? Also check if the humanoidrootpart cancollide is set to false. One more question. Did you start rigging you penguin from the humanrootpart first then to the torso and then from the torso to the legs, then torso to the wings, and then torso to head? Make sure to move the motor6d inside the penguin where they need to be at.

It works now- thank you so much. I connected the Torso to the HumanRootPart- instead of the other way around.