Animating something to go down and up

Hi there everyone,

I’m trying to make this chair have its T-bar, which is the area on the second picture, be able to rotate so its in the position on the first picture.

How would I do this effectively and using animations? I’m new to animating, so please make it as simple as it can be. Thanks c:

(This is rough so the positioning will not be as accurate as it looks when animated)


I guess a simple way of wording this action that everyone uses is *animating *, but in reality you’re not gonna use actual animations, you’re gonna do something to move a certain part, and for that there are many ways. You can use tweening or lerping.

You can use Animations for this, the tutorial below should explain through it:

I would use that but the issue is that it’s for guns, and i’m pretty sure the process is different since you need a humanoid