Animating Tips/Guide?

I have been searching for Resources for 15 Minutes and all I found is this

Q&A: Onii’s Guide to Animation (It’s not there anymore)


Don’t get me wrong they are Good resources but they aren’t Great

I’m not an Animator myself because I hate both the New & Old Animation Editor Plugin + some other User made Plugins, I tried do Animate but it triggers me a lot. Enough with that tho.

Why am I asking this?

It’s for my friend who will be Animating stuff

What’s the problem?

Well my friend ran into a problem with Animating a Blocky Character and then used it on the Woman Rig, well the Animation didn’t play correctly.

So my question is

Is there a trick to use one Animation for all the Packages and they all look nice?

(Feel free to add any Tips and Tricks for new Animators :+1:t2:)

Thanks for reading!

I hope I can Animate again when the Animation Editor Plugin is improved.


For clarification, are you asking about animation tips for Roblox specifically or do you not really know how to do keyframe animation in general?

If it’s the latter, there are tons of keyframing resources on the web that I’d love to share with you. They aren’t specific to Roblox, but they should help with learning the method in general.

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There are several things that have helped me;

  • Don’t make the animation look like it’s paused, always have movement, even if it’s subtle.
  • There can also be too MUCH movement.
  • If it’s Roblox animation, try using the Cubic InOut easing style/direction.

I’ll edit with more when I can remember any.


Both “Roblox specifically or do you not really know how to do keyframe animation in general”

If I had an Animating Test I would Score 0.

That’s my Animating Knowledge atm.