Animating Tool Parts, delay issue

I’ve been trying to make animations concerning tools, and have figured it out, thanks to this post:

Unfortunately, I’ve run into a minor issue. I would’ve posted it on the post, but it seemed a little overloaded already. So I decided to create another.

The issue is this:

The tool seems to have some delay upon playing the idle animation, and also kinda bugs into the idle state. It kinda slides.
This is sorta oof, because… well… swords, when you bring them out, normally start on your hand…

I’m setting the default internal roblox tool animation to the one on screen.
This might just be roblox kinda smoothing the transition, but how does one workaround this?

I’m not really sure what to do, because I literally haven’t seen a single other tutorial other than this one.
And this seems like the best way to do it except for this minor issue.

Thanks in advance!

Also idk how mentions work but… @Headstackk help!!!


When playing the animation, you should set the fade time to 0 so it instantly goes into the idle state.

local anim = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(animobject)


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Thanks for the reply.
Also I forgot you could do that.

But, I’m using the default animate script. And changing the ID of the default tool animation.
It’s called “toolnone” in the character’s animate script.

I’m using R6.
I looked through the animate script, and it seems like anything that would run the tool animation… is already set to 0 Fadetime.

I tried it out just doing the way you said too, but it still does it.

I’m utterly stumped. ):

Have you found a solution? I have the same issue:
It mostly happens in first person

Apparently it has it do with roblox having to set the C0 and C1 of the motor6D if they are not set, I think.

Here’s a work-around that someone helped me with.

There is still a sliding issue but here it is less visible. I think it happens because the last keyframe of the animation re-appears when the arms are down (beginning of the new animation)