Animation Bounces back up to its original position

I used the Moon animator plugin with this. There’s No CFrame whatever. I just loaded it in.

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Did you set the animation’s Looped property to true or you put the animation:Play() in a loop?

No, I think its because it gets back to its orig. position. I think i might have to pause it right there Any ideas? animationTrack:AdjustSpeed(0) might be it?

hm, Should i pair it with run service to know the animation stopped?

Why do you want “to know the animation stopped”?

I want to know it so that it would stop the right time idk?

But for you, What would you do on this type of situation?

Yeah just tested it out. You should just use animationTrack:AdjustSpeed(0). Stop does the same thing as in the video.

Alright I’ll test it out.colony is son

It Pretty much works, but it stops on the wrong frame/time. here’s the code

local Kerstel = script.Parent
local Controller = Kerstel.KerstelAnimationControl
local NewAnimation ="Animation")

NewAnimation.AnimationId = "" 
local animationTrack = Controller:LoadAnimation(NewAnimation)

    animationTrack.TimePosition = animationTrack.Length

The easiest way would be to create a new animation while the plane is where you wanted it to land. Like that when the animation ends, the plane will stay where it landed, if you timed it perfectly.

That should work but my files for moon animator is gone. I have no idea why. I just tried to check the seconds but its all gone.

Make the animation last longer. It’s as simple as that.

As i said my animations are gone. Even so making it last longer wont really solve the problem and not the most efficient way.

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I’ve gaved up and this worked. I went through the pain of animating it. I think it was worth it.