Animation breaks when played

As you can see, the animation breaks when actually played in game, not only that but the rig also moves backwards for some reason despite not being supposed to move anywhere and the selection box remains at some position without any reason, why does this happen?

Anchor the animal, seems like it’s running away on it’s own.

Thanks, that stopped it from moving backwards, now how could i move it in a particular direction?
Tweens i suppose but is there another way?

Is there a script did you make for this animation? If there is please send it!

local animtrack = script.Parent.Animator:LoadAnimation((function() 
local r ="Animation") r.AnimationId = 'rbxassetid://7696401294' return r 

How about you do this you add a animation in the character instead of making and instance and write this

local character = script.Parent

local animation1 = character.animation

local animation1track = character.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation1)


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Yeah, this works, but the script wasn’t the source of the issue.

So how about try loading your character again in because sometimes if you add animations and keep deleting them from the npc it will start acting fussy

Make sure it isn’t anchored and make sure your animation was made smooth

also try testing the npc with other animations that are on the catalog if they don’t run smooth on your npc then there is something wrong with the npc

The script doesn’t delete any animations, it just loads it and plays it once, but since the keyframeSequence’s Looping property is set tp true it repeats automatically, anchoring the model and moving it with tweenservice did the trick though

if you’re planning to use this as a walking animation, make sure its priority is set to Movement and only so it cannot overwrite customized animations which plays a big role in necessity of gameplay

in the animation editor itself, you made the rig footslide backwards (idk y) which can create some messy issues, you can try keeping the main torso in place in the editor

OK, will try that

you made the rig footslide backwards (idk y)

Wanted to see if i could make the walking animation look less consistent in terms of movement speed