Animation Cancel

Hello! I am making a game with guns, an issue I’m having with these guns is that I’m not using Roblox’s built-in tool system. I’m using a keycode to detect when they press 1 then it gives them the gun. The issue is that when I remove the gun I need to stop the animations, I’ve had the server fire a remote event and change a value to try to make the local script (Inside a part) to detect something and stop the animation. but it gives me an error every time saying the value is not existent and the remote event just never activates.

Are you playing the animation on the server from the event if so it will break and check when they unequip the tool so it stops all anims

never mind not built in tool system

no its on client in a brick, and its not using robloxs tool system

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We can’t do anything without your code.