Animation | Can't Select HumanoidRootPart

It says that the motor6Ds are affecting the head when they’re in the HRP…

happened to me before, remove all the motor6ds and try headstackk’s technique to rig
(he says its for guns but it works with everything trust me)

Would I just put the model on/near the dummy in this case?

Umm, that doesn’t answer it.

I asked what are they connected to, not inside of.

i just seen the gif showing all the stuff in the model, something attracted me
there are stuff inside those parts
are those motor6ds or other stuff??

They’re meshes, since I used parts with a SpecialMesh.

well idk man, just try to rig it again
if you are curious, here is how i rig it.

~30 secs long

Sorry if it looks bad.