Animation | Can't Select HumanoidRootPart

So, I’m trying to make an animation for a game, but I, for some reason, can not select the HumanoidRootPart.
My brother guided me through the process of rigging the model (I’ve never used Roblox Studio to animate before) and he said I needed to select the ‘HRP’ to start animating.

I am using the official, built-in Roblox animation editor, so this isn’t a plugin issue. Am I just doing something wrong?

then select the humanoid root part from the explorer, its probably locked or something like that

I don’t lock anything, unless it’s a ‘ground’ part or something like that. I did try to select it in Explorer, too, but that didn’t work.

did you use welds or motor6Ds? you probably didnt rig it correctly

I used motor6Ds through a plugin.

try to put all the motor6Ds in the humanoidrootpart

Part0 : part
Part1 : humr

(and unanchor them all)

I can’t un-anchor the motor6Ds…

im talking about the parts lol

Oh, okay. So, basically just un-anchor the model?

Well crud, that didn’t work, either.

Perhaps consider adding a Humanoid into the model.

hey i just tried to make my own rig and found the error, you need to put a humanoid or else it won’t work.

Alright, I added a humanoid and change the part names, but I get an error when I try to animate.
“The following parts are affected by multiple motor6Ds: Head”

May you provide us a snapshot of the things inside the model you are animating?


What are the motor6ds connected to?

Are they actually connected to a specific part or just there?

I put all the motor6Ds in the HRP.

it’s because all the motor6Ds have the same name, try making them all unique

edit: i made a plugin for my friend that has a name changer, if there are 1 million motor6ds that you need to change just install the plugin, select the humanoidrootpart, click the name changer button, and right after you can uninstall if you want

I did that, but I’m still getting an error afterwards.

what error?