Animation + CFrame animating?

I understand that CFrame animating is essentially an actual animation broken down into it’s mathematical form. ACS is built around that, which is where my question comes into play. If I have actual animations for recoil, could you also combine CFrame animating in/around/something to have added affects? I know a lot of the MilSim frameworks just have an Idle animation, then use the CFrame to do all the recoil movements when shooting. My current animator and I have been working up some really high quality weapon animations, but not all too sure on how I want to go about achieving that “organic” feeling of either firing a large caliber weapon, or going full auto.

If combining both actual animation and CFrame animation isn’t possible, or really ideal, then the idea was then to probably make like 10 or something recoil animations and have them randomly loop when firing mostly full auto, or in rapid succession.

Also, since we’re talking about animations, is layering animations a thing? Like, does the Roblox Engine allow code to layer animations for a more “seamless” transition, specifically movement related animations? I guess it would be more related to an Inertia based movement, where you have a build up of speed, or decrease. My animator was asking since he mainly works with Unity and UE, and i didn’t know how to answer since i’m not 100% familiar with Roblox Engine limitations with coding/animations.

Thanks in advance!

Roblox uses a property called Transform to change a Motor6D’s CFrame when playing animations

so as long as you use C0 and C1 property to change the CFrame you can combine it with Roblox animations.

Pretty sure its possible with the use of Animation Weight

Great! Thank you for the feedback, plus resources. I’ll have to spark this conversation with my scripter and see what we can create it with, and or, how much of a headache it may be to achieve the visuals/effects we want!