Animation completion causes weird animation reversion to idle stance

I’m currently having issues where rigs reverting to their prior positions after an animation is played is sort of weird. Animations in the right side would work but the left side would be buggy. Any tips on how to fix? The second animation is just a mirrored animation of the first. I’m currently using Moon to animate this.

Might be a bug with Moon’s mirror function.
Could also be that the way animations work, the interpolate back to the ‘Original CFrame’ takes the shortest route.

Those are my two guesses.

The idle animation for the appendage is not centered which would explain why you’re seeing different behavior for either side. Parts seem to take the shortest path, and in the left side’s case the shortest path involves clipping through your face.

You may want to try including the reset movement as part of your attack animations.

So the tail would have to be aligned dead on in the center?

That is not what I suggested.
You should try animating the tail recoiling or returning to the idle position before ending the attack animation. It currently looks like you end the animation at the end of the strike. Roblox doesn’t magically know how you want the tail to animate back to the idle position, so it takes the shortest path.

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Oh I see, thank you for clarifying further haha. I’ll try that out.

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