Animation delayed

when the animation played the first time it got delayed but the second time it was fine I tried using content provider but it didn’t work
here is the animation part of the script:



ContentProvider wouldn’t really work because it only preloads the animation, not load it entirely.

so is there any way to fix it???

Unfortunately there isn’t, since it’s on your computer itself to load it.

Well I found a solution just load and play the animation to a rig dummy when the game starts


Roblox doesn’t preload animations, custom images ect so when you click on the button it loads it for the first time, which can take a few seconds.

For a more simpler answer:

So, when you do what ever action that causes that animation to play,your client asks the server for the image, the server looks for the image with the given ID and if found it gives the client the image and it loads it on your screen.

Now to fix this, just apply the animation to any dummy outside the players view so when the player loads the animation will be called as soon as the dummy loads.

You should use this for anything that needs to be called as soon as possible. So if you need an image to appear pretty much as soon as the player looks over to it or opens a GUI menu you can call that image to load at a very small resolution so the player won’t notice the image(s) preloading.

This is only really something you should do if animations need to be called as soon as possible, like I said before.

Hope this helps