Animation does not Replicate when played on client

I am trying to get an animation to play for my character. I load the animation on the player’s humanoid in a localscript and when I play it, it does not replicate to other clients. Only the client that played the animation can see it playing.

However according the documentation this should replicate because the client has network ownership of the player. I even tried calling LoadAnimation() from the server to create an animator like the documentation says and it still doesn’t work. I am not editing the rig in any way its just a default R15 character. What’s going on? This is very frustrating and I’m quite upset its not operating like the documentation says it should. I’ve looked around on the forums for a solution to this and no one has said anything other than what the documentation already says and that doesn’t work.

Show us what you’re doing. Give us an excerpt of your code

anim = player.Character.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)
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Make sure that this is in a local script and that variables are properly defined (i.e. anim, player, animation) Make sure that they’re not labeled the same as well. It doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with your script by the way.

They are labeled correctly. If they weren’t then the client wouldn’t be able to see the animation playing. My issue is that the animation is not replicating to the other players in the game

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Well, are you using a custom rig, is it a tool? Also are you using an Animation instance and have the ID labeled properly?

Make sure the humanoid has an “Animator” object in it. If for some reason it wasn’t instanced into the humanoid, instance it on the server

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The animator exists, on both the client and server

I just encountered some more issues. I tried to manually replicate the animation with remote events. I tried to have the server animate the player but when I do that I encounter the same issue, only that one client can see the animation.

I tried to have all the other players in the game animate it themselves locally but when i do that no one can see the animation play. Im really at a loss as to what is going on

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Ok so after many hours of troubleshooting I have found the issue. It appears that changing animation priorities do not replicate automatically. My playing animation technically was getting replicated but because the Animation Priority did not get replicated it was overridden by some higher-ranked animation that was already playing and so the other players never saw it play, but my client did because I made the priority change locally.

So to anyone that has this same issue just keep in mind the Animation Priorities do not replicate automatically, you have to do it manually if you are changing it.