Animation doesn't stop

Hello, I’m scripting an emote that plays when clicking on a GUI Button and the problem is that when I click on it again to stop the animation, it plays the second animation to put the phone in NPC’s pocket, but the first animation when you are holding the phone it doesn’t stop. Any help is appreciated!
Here is the video:
robloxapp-20220113-1302311.wmv (786.6 KB)
Here is the script I’m using in the GUI Button:

And here is the script I’m using to play the animations:

When you do Animation:LoadAnimation(), you’re creating a new object called AnimationTrack. AnimationTrack has the methods AnimationTrack.Play and AnimationTrack.Stop. When the player clicks the button a second time, instead of stopping the previously created AnimationTrack, you’re creating a new one and stopping that one instead.


Thank you for the information, now I figured out how to stop it.