Animation Doesn't works right hand doesn't move

the right Hand, right upper arm doesn’t moving.

even though it prints test1 and test2

	local amount =Rewards.strength(player,Stats.strength(player),true)

	remotes.TextChange:FireClient(player,amount) -- Sending updated data back to client
		local animationTrack= humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(TheFirstAnimation)

am I doing something wrong?
I tried the script with a different animation and it works (right arm still doesn’t moves but other parts do)

I am open to all ideas. 30 thing

Maybe try playing the animation on a local script? I made some animations play trough a local script and everyone sees the animation, I don’t know why btw. I’m a bit new to the forum.

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Does changing the right arm animation priority do anything???

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Yep! it worked Thank you. this kind of moments feel weird because well, I Tried to fix it for like Idk 4-5 hours? Readed so much posts and watched many videos. then, some guy teaches you how simple solution is. Thanks again.

But can you explain HOW? and WHY? this is worked

I barely know :joy: but the general idea is if you need it to overlap another animation (like the idle animation) you need to set its priority higher than the (idle)

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