Animation editor appears to clear my clipboard

When you go and do the following:

  1. Copy a string (title of animation to name)
  2. Import an animation
  3. Make an edit
  4. Upload the animation

Half of the time Roblox’s animation editor will clear my clipboard. There’s calls to StudioService:CopyToClipboard in the code.

Expected behavior

Please don’t clear my clipboard.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket in our internal database

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Just want to quickly append that around 2020 this was reported and a staff member mentioned that it was due to a limitation of the application clipboard that plugins have in studio.

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Would be great to hear where this is at for improving plugin capabilities around this, as it’s very disruptive how Studio constantly mishandles the clipboard.

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This has been quite disruptive to my animation uploading workflow and has been lingering on for years. Would be helpful to finally see this fixed…

me too, about the publish animation