Animation Editor: Attempting to edit custom rig, studio unresponsive

As of today, I have been unable to edit a custom rig I have been working on for a while now. When I attempt to select the model with the official animation editor plugin, it will quickly say “IK constraints have been removed from joints”, and then pop up with a blank warning popup that is unable to be closed, rendering studio unresponsive.

Here’s a quick recording of the issue:

From what I can tell, this issue started after the release of the animation editor supporting inverse kinematics.

The custom rig is made from Motor6D joints, so it could revolve around that as well.

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Hey LoneTraveler, can you send me the rig you are using (either here or pm is fine, whatever you are comfortable with), so that I can try to reproduce this on my end?

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I’ve had this problem with both R15 & R6, I was trying to make animation for tools using welds. I reccomend trying to use another animation plugin like moon animation.

I sent you the file via PM, thanks for helping out.

For anyone with similar issues, the solution was found.

The custom rig had some saved animations with parts that no longer existed, throwing out a warning.

The animation editor had multiple warnings playing at once, and studio didn’t know how to handle it. A fix is on the way.


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