Animation editor being goofy?

So I made this pantograph animation for my game.

And uh, as you see it looks unnatural to a real-life pantograph. So I wanted to smooth this out to make it more natural and realistic but I can’t because the animation editor is being extra weird today.

As you see I cannot even see the keyframes, when I click "Ajouter tout le corps (Add whole body) The thing that shows all the rigs parts in the editor. Nothing happens. I reinstalled Studio, restarted it multiple times. etc. Nothing works

So I can’t even see the keyframes and now I don’t know what to do. I beg the staff team to look into this because its really frustrating to do ANYTHING with this.

And if anybody has a solution please provide it here. I might reinstall Studio a second time but I don’t know

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What I have found is the keyframe thing happens when you go from a file with very few keyframes (mainly positioned on the main time points I think) to a new file (or something like that, i cant remember exactly), I fixed it by just opening a different animation with more keyframes and trying to make a new animation again. I’m not sure of another fix or why it happens and it is very annoying.