Animation Editor Being Weird

Animation Editor acting weird, any way I could fix this with my model? It happens only with my guns.

(I’m not looking for what the problem is, I want to know a fix. This is here because I’ve been told what the problem is before instead of telling me how to fix it.)

Broken Animation (gun):

Normal Animation (not gun)

Here’s the arm’s structure.

And here’s the gun’s structure.

I think you accidently welded the gun handle to the arm. You need to weld the arm to the gun and make sure it’s animatable. Also make sure it has not additional welds and it has been unanchored properly

Use moon animator its a lot better! :smiley:

No sadly, it’s not that.

I don’t like moon animator, it doesnt dock on the side of my studio nor in a new tab.

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