Animation editor creating false frames

Hi there,

I’ve been working on animations using the Roblox Animation editor (up to date) over the past couple of days.

Every 10 minutes I encounter the following bug best demonstrated using the example below:

Step 1 - I have a looped animation, and I want to change a single frame:

Step 2 - I move a limb in the animation very slightly, like so…

Step 3 - It ruins the whole animation, seemingly by resetting the limb to its T-pose in an invisible frame.

I should stress nothing else has been changed between the first and the third video aside from the 5 degree limb movement shown in the second video

This happens all the time, and I am yet to find a reliable workaround. Is there anything I am doing wrong and if not is this an issue that is being looked at?


EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Moving a limb by 5 degrees causes the limb to move by 5 degrees in the animation (see video 2)

ACTUAL BEHAVIOR Moving the limb by 5 degrees causes at least one part to reset to it’s default rotation but this frame is not visible in the animation editor. Hence breaking the animation (see video 3)




yeah I had this happen earlier
you need to create a pose at each keyframe for every part, you can do that by just using the rotate tool and clicking one axis without actually moving anything

it’s tedious but should work

That’s what I’ve had to resort to.

Any word on this?

This still happens.

Still happens. Be great if this could be fixed :slight_smile:

See for someone else with this problem.