Animation editor duplicates Motor6Ds and permanently messes up the rig when using IK with extra parts

The rig I’m using has a Handle attached to the RightHand with a Motor6D. It’s just one part with a mesh welded (WeldConstraint) to it.

This is what happens when I tried to use IK with it.


I was moving the right arm around, then moving the handle, then moving the left arm around, then I came back to the Right Arm only for this to happen:

It permanently bricks the rig until you delete the extra joints and then the pose gets screwed up in Studio, even when the Animation Editor isn’t active.

Repro: ToolAnims.rbxl (24.2 KB)


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Is there any progress on this?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention and for the repro file! I will investigate this now!

Edit: seems like there is a bad link for the repro file. Could you re-upload or send as PM? Thanks

I’ll try PM!

Have you been able to figure out the issue yet?

Yes, a fix for this is on the way!

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