Animation Editor, frames become distorted

There’s this really annoying bug I’ve encountered with roblox’s animation editor. For some reason, when I was rotating some parts, my frames started to shift away from where they’re suppose to be, and in fact some frames overwritten others. I spent a good hour trying to make a running animation just to encounter this obnoxious bug.

Not sure how this happened, but it’s there.

Do you have any reproduction step to do it?

Step 3: :boom:
Step 4: [scene missing]

For instance like that above.


I’ll try to keep track of this next time I make another animation, and post it here.

So I reproduced the bug again… Spent another hour trying to make a running animation, but as soon as I changed the length of the animation, it just entirely messed up all of my frames.

Before I changed the length, there were only 10 frames.

And now there’s like 15 different frames.

I tried to load an autosave, except that autosave was blank.

Wait, you changed the length of the animation after putting the keyframes?

Try pressing the zoom in (+) and zoom out (-) buttons. I’ve had issues where the timing seemed to distort, but in reality it just displayed incorrectly.

I’ve done this, and it’s not an issue. It just scales the keyframes up with the length.

If you want to add time without scaling any keyframes, you need to use ‘Add time at cursor’ (or whatever the name is) instead of ‘Change length’, which will only shift the keyframes after the time cursor according to how much time you put in.

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Alright, thanks!

Mark the solution! Hehehe

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