Animation Editor Having 'Export' and 'Export As' Buttons

As a Roblox developer who creates animations, it can become troublesome to maximize on time when exporting animations as I have made many over the course of 4 years. Constantly having to export and look for animations, especially older ones, that I am attempting to change begins to take up a lot of time.

Current Situation

I usually find through testing in-game that the animation I made could use some more work, events, different naming schemes for the code, etc. This usually results in me republishing the animation a few times before I feel content with the product. Even then, I might go back to revise it weeks/months later if the animations need to be updated. Currently, the process of exporting an animation is always like this:

Exporting; and starting the search for said animation.

Looking through the articles of Animations I have made over the years.
Pardon me for these not being one video. I don’t have Gyazo Pro anymore.

Yes, 5 - 30 seconds exporting/looking for the animation doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up really quickly when your main form of work is creating/adding/changing animations throughout the development process.

This change could save a lot of time developing, which in turn can make the process for animators who also write their own code to make greater progress.

What’s below is a more descriptive note of what I’m trying to convey/request so there’s less confusion, but can be ignored.

’Export/Export As’

As simple as it looks, this serves virtually the same purpose as the Publish To Roblox and Publish To Roblox As… buttons within the Animation Editor, albeit for animations.

The current ‘Export’ button being replaced to ‘Export As’ while the new button to export an previously saved animation to Roblox is the new ‘Export’ button

Now of course upon initially exporting an animation after opening studio for the first time, it would prompt the procedure to find the published animation to happen. It’s just if I never leave Studio, I shouldn’t have to keep finding said animation repeatedly.

Hey @BruiseIgnio, thanks for the feedback/suggestion. I definitely think there is some value in having separate Export/Export As options and it is something we can consider for the future!

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