(ANIMATION EDITOR) How to rotate the entire body using one part as a pivot?

Hello developers!

Im trying to remaster some animations, and for do it, i need to fix this issue…

I want to rotate the entire body, but using only one of the parts as a pivot (maybe i can explain it better with images than with words)

This is how i DON’T want to rotate in the animation editor:

This is how i want to do it:

As you can see, the entire body rotates (except the Left Leg, that part would be the pivot)
For this example i moved and rotated the entire body, but how can i rotate the entire body (except the pivot part) using only 1 part as a pivot?

Hope you understand what i want!

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a father bone will rotate all his chield together when he is rotated
in that case roblox r6/r15 father is humanoidrootpart but you can’t animate the humanoid rootpart it self.
so if you want to rotate everything them you just need to make a new father that is child of humanoidrootpart
r6 father is the torso, you can ad a part call it anything you want.
then you make this new part be father of what you want to rotate when you rotate this new part.

“but if you want to add a new pivot point for legs them you need to add a part in the leg in where you want the leg be rotate based of.
this new part need to be child of torso them the leg need to be child of this new part
and the leg will rotate based on this new part”

@Dyzcroll I don’t understand, can you please put an image or a video. It would be easier to understand. Thank you :slight_smile:

basicly you create a part where you want your stuff to be rotated and make everything that you want to rotate based in the part child of the part
in my case humanoidrootpart>pivotpart>torso
but i addeded the pivot point close to the leg, so everything will rotate based on the position close to the leg.

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@Dyzcroll But how i want to rotate is using the leg as a pivot, not another part (like the image that i posted), but maybe it can help me

them make the leg father of the torso. but that is not a good idea.