Animation editor is not letting me create long animations

So yesterday, I was gonna make an animation for my tool in Roblox Studio. Which was going pretty well unless this happened

Look at the timer on the animator when I am moving the blue line. It jumped from 0:29 to 1:00.

This issue was not letting me create animations longer than 1 minute. Even if I make the maximum time longer, it still happens…

This issue started month ago. I didn’t care because I thought it was just a bug that would get fixed but it’s still not fixed. Any place I switch to, the bug is still a thing.

I think this is because my computer resolution is not high, and it doesn’t load other frames or I just accidentally made some changes in the settings menu.

If you have any solution, please let me know. Thanks!


That’s odd, I’ve never had this issue. Considering yours has been going on for around a month, I would try re-installing Roblox Studio (if you haven’t already, that is).

EDIT: I’ve just gone onto studio and checked, and I appear to be having the same issue now.

You can see it just jumps straight from 0:29 to 1:00. I’m not sure if this is an intentional feature (for some reason) or not.


I formatted my computer, so I re-installed Roblox Studio too it didn’t fix my issue.

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It’s not a bug. Rather your timeline is now formatted as seconds:frames and the editor is at a default FPS of 30. So you are at 0 seconds and 29 frames (0:29), moving to the next frame brings you to frame 30, which is equivalent to 1 second and 0 frames (1:00). You can change the frame rate and the display type to purely frames by using the gear icon in the top right of the editor.

This change came with the new animation editor, which released late last year


Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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