Animation editor not allowing bone creation

The animation editor (default studio one) does not allow for bones to be animated. After watching a tutorial, the person clicked this button and selected Add All. However, for me nothing happens

I’ve tried closing and re-opening studio, to no avail. My studio updated today, so not sure if that’s the cause?


I can’t reproduce this issue on the standard rigs provided in Roblox Studio. Does this happen with those rigs too?

If not, can you share the rig you’re using?

I believe I found out how to repro, and probs more my own fault. Since importing custom avatars creates a ‘RootPart’ below the character, I created my own HumanoidRootPart, to encase the whole character. But I kept the skeleton under RootPart. So when going into Animation editor, I’m presuming, it saw that there were bones, but wouldn’t import them cause it was looking at HumanoidRootPart and RootPart


As per the authors last comment, we will consider this issue resolved. If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.


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