Animation Editor Plugin Fatal Bug

Here is my procedure:

  • Create a new model
  • Create Head and Torso BasePart (BOTH ANCHORED), parent to the model
  • Set model primarypart to the Torso
  • Rig one Motor6D from Torso to the Head
  • New Motor6D is parented to Torso
  • Add a Humanoid to the model
  • Try to access the animation editor for this model by clicking on the model
  • I get a bug report that traces the exception to this:
    16:16:47.352 - Plugin_-1.Project.AnimationEditor.Code.UtilityScripts.UtilityScriptDisplayArea:36: attempt to index local ‘display’ (a nil value)

And then the screen goes grey for the plugin and I can no longer access the animation editor FOR ANY OTHER RIGS for the studio session.

(If I try to access the editor after this bug, I get this exception on click:
Plugin_-1.Project.AnimationEditor.Code.GUIScripts.GUIScriptScrollZoomControl:25: attempt to index field ‘TargetWidget’ (a nil value))

The reason I believe this happens is if I have an anchored part inside the animation model. It rejects the anchored part and crashes the client.

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