Animation editor viewport selection doesn't work as expected

Reproduction Steps
System Information: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor @ 3.80 GHz, 32.0 GB, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER

Beta Features: (issue occurs with and without beta features on my end)

To reproduce this issue:

  • Open a brand new place, or an existing one.
  • Open the animation editor, and create a new animation on any R15 or similar rig. (This issue is a problem on any rig, but would be less prevalent on a simple rig like an R6 character.)
  • Move any part of the rig that is the “parent” of one or more children in the rig (for example, the LeftUpperArm is the parent to LeftLowerArm). Be sure to move that part a significant amount–at least 1 stud in any direction or 45 degrees in any direction is most effective.
  • Attempt to select the lower extremities of that part in the viewport (for example, if you moved the LeftUpperArm, attempt to select the LeftLowerArm or LeftHand) and you should find that from most camera angles you will not be able to select that part.

Expected Behavior
When I move a parent part in a rig, I expect to be able to mouse over child parts of the rig in the viewport and select them like normal.

Actual Behavior
When I move a parent part in a rig, child parts are difficult/sometimes impossible to select in the viewport.

In the following video, I select the LeftLowerArm and rotate it as expected. After I rotate the LeftUpperArm, the LeftLowerArm and LeftHand parts become impossible to select except for at certain angles.

It seems like if you position your mouse such that it hovers over the default position of the part, as well its current position, it becomes selectable. This is demonstrated in the video.

Alternatively, I can use a community plugin like Moon Animator. However, this plugin does not have certain features that the built-in animator provides for me, so I can’t use that as a permanent workaround.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


ive been dealing with this for a while now too, but thankfully i know a way to select the part in question.
first i press the + button then add all

then select name of the part you want to animate
and boom! you can freely move and rotate it around.

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Small correction, “Add All” will add all the joints to the animation, so everytime it plays it’ll override everything else. I personally recommend you just click on the ones you need, and everything those control (eg: for moving the entire arm add ‘ARMUpperArm’, as well as ‘ARMLowerArm’ and ‘ARMHand’. This’ll stop, for example, the walk animation moving the hands up an down in your weapons reload animation).

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Yeah, I forgot to mention that this also works as a workaround–However, I’m working with rigs that have around 30+ parts. It’s very time consuming to navigate as you can imagine, and I would be able to animate a lot faster if I could select the part that I’m looking at rather than scrolling around through a list of every part.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Hi, we’ve released a fix for this. Can you please check if it works? Thanks!