Animation Error with Atomic Characters

I recently did an update on my game where I made it so the character models have their streaming mode set to atomic when the character is added. This is because it fixes some bugs where I handle client effects based on whether the character is streamed in or out.

After doing so I’ve got a huge increase in errors (4.8M today) saying “exception while signaling: Cannot load the AnimationClipProvider Service.” on the client.

I have noticed this on my windows 11 laptop and my iPhone 13

Here is my game link: Saber Showdown - Roblox

Expected behavior

I expect there to be no errors.


It may actually be an animation that doesn’t behave properly. Recently Roblox has implemented changes that result in animations sometimes thinking you aren’t the owner/creator of them, which stops you from using them. I suppose you could check those animations, especially if you added new animations in that update.


I didn’t add any new animations and it seemed to happen immedietly after I made the change to atomic characters.

the other updates were just some small changes to UI and some stuff to check state but I don’t think that caused it.

As a side note though I also do get this error sometimes but much less.
“Failed to load animation - sanitized ID: rbxassetid://2859806499”


Idk if is intended but this is how many player’s console is looking like in my game which also has Atomic Characters.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you!


It’s even happening in Expedition Antartica

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Any updates regarding this please? I appreciate your effort trying to solve this.


Same issue here. It doesn’t seem to affect anything other than just spamming the output.
I that’s the case, then I’d like for the error to be removed/suppressed so it doesn’t spam the analytics.


Thanks for your feedback!
This error almost certainly means that loadAnimation() was called on an Animator that is not currently attached to the workspace. (eg, if it was atomically streamed out but not yet destroyed.)
Of course, the local player should never be streamed out.
Is it possible you are playing some animations on a character that’s not the local character?
(Often Devs will play certain prop animations locally on unowned NPCs or player characters if they don’t need to be replicated.)
If so, it might be dangerous to assume that an unowned model is still in the workplace if atomic streaming is enabled, as it may be streamed out.
Can you guys try putting a “parent” check on the Model that owns the Animator/Humanoid used in the call to LoadAnimation and see if the parent is ever missing?
I notice that Saber Showdown caches the character model in the state objects, then calls LoadAnimation on state.character. This should be fine as long as state only applies to the local player.
(We haven’t had luck yet reproing the issue locally on Saber Showdown.)

Hi all, let us know if you are still experiencing this issue after trying @BloxMachina’s suggested fix. We are going to mark this as no-repro for now but can reopen and take another look if it’s still an issue!