Animation Events?

Hello, I’m Oj a developer here on roblox. I’ve been developing games for a little over 6 years and picked up animation a little over a year ago.
It’s come to my attention that “Animation Events” exist and I’m having trouble understanding them.

Since this is my first time playing with them I have no idea what I’m doing and was wondering if somebody can help me get a better understanding of them.

I was animating a chest and I want to use events so when my coder is coding they don’t have a hard time switching through animations. I wanted to use them so if player claims the chest it closes and when the chest is ready to be claimed again it opens up.

With these “animation events” I noticed another feature with them called “Parameter” which is also confusing to me also. I also want to mention I use roblox’s default animation editor as I don’t need anything more complex for simple animations.

Clip of the animation:

If you can help me with this I’ll be really happy with it!


Try naming the keyframes you want the event to activate on and have your coder write the script to check for the keyframe with that name to activate the event.