Animation Feedback (Again)

So I got back onto working on an upcoming project and I got some Animations done? I currently have two to show i guess.

Here’s what I got so far!
Sans Idle:
sans idle

Sans Crouch:
sans crouch idle

I would heavily appreciate the feedback so I can tune and improve the smooth quality of the animations themselves. (Yes, this is Underground Brawl Mania related before anybody asks.)

(May or may not re-update this animation with blender)

This is the last UBM related feedback thing I will show until the game actually comes out, so i’ll try to get feedback for then! Until that time arises, farewell for now!


I’m going to be honest, I never made anything this good ever. I love the smoothness and how evenly spread the animation is. Though, I personally think the easing is a little bit strong, the moving in an out, it seems like the character is sitting still for just slightly too long. I’m not sure if that is directly from Sans’ character.


I don’t think it is but I can definitely use blender to make it smoother. (If it doesn’t crash, that is!)

:C the hand goes in too much inside the legs for the crouch, and the back leg slides back to much, in both animations

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I fixed both issues relatively quick, and thank you for your feedback! I apologize if I didn’t read it quick enough and I have taken this feedback into account to improve animation quality.

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