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Made some new animations for somebody as a commission, I haven’t animated in two months and here’s what I made.

Spell Casting
Huge Sword Idle
Katana Idle
Axe Smash
Greatsword Light Hits (Old Version)
Directional Walks
Katana Idle

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GIving me feedback through replies is also very helpful too.

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I gave them an overall 9. These are all VERY nice animations and have quite a lot of oomph, as they should. Literally the only couple things I’d probably change may not even be needed, but I’ll go ahead anyways:

  • The spell casting animation may benefit from a little more bending of the casting arm at the end of the animation. I know physical animations for casting spells aren’t as important as the actual spell effects themselves, but I think it could benefit from that minor addition.
  • The axe smash may use a little bit more bounce when colliding with the ground. Obviously not that much bounce, but the addition of very minor rebounding off the ground makes its power more believable, as it indicates that it’s working against gravity when colliding.

That’s about all I got. Again, very nice animations; it’s clear that you knew what you were doing when working on them.


while using the axe, you can notice:

Your shoulder will disconnect from your body

nice animations tho

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Can’t really counteract that because roblox limb’s are limited

very nice and fluid animations!!

all i can say is that for your idles, make them a bit more exaggerated. i assume these are for a fighting game. in fighting games, often, the fov is quite high so it would be sort of zoomed out from the character. this will make it hard for the person looking at the animation to notice any action, making their character look “frozen” unless they zoom in because the movements are too small.

your other animations are nice though!! i like the way you’ve used different levels for the attacks to give them more weight, that was very smart of you.

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These animations are really good! I give them a 8 out of 10. The Spell Casting one looks a bit slow, but the other animations are really good!