Animation Feedback

i need feedback in this animation

tell me what to fix

camera & Rig Animation & Shifting VFX

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Make the starting jump look more like a jump and not bending over

Other than that, its solid


At 0:12 arms don’t bend like that. Also the camera is 'bit wonky. I can understand this if you’re a beginner animator though. I’ve been animating since early 2022.


ye i saw it thx for the feedback

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yes im still beginner but im trying to do big animation like a challenge to grow my animation skill up

thx for the feedback

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This animation looks VERY good! Nice job on it!

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i think this version is better for the arms and the whole rig i think its better so what do you think?

The left arm at 0:12 still bends in a weird direction. These are what R15 arms should look like when bending in the proper direction:

And this is what it shouldn’t look like:

I’ve recreated the pose from 0:12 :

The starting bit is much better, yes.

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aright thx for the help i was didn’t noticed that cuz this like my 4 time animated R15 i alwayes animated R6