Animation from a Tail-like structure isnt work correctly


So currently, i’m trying to make a functional “kagune” (a structure that looks like a tail, based on the anime “Tokyo Ghoul”).
I made the rigging in studio and used Moon animation suite 2.0 to animate it

everything was working just fine, i was able to do the animations with no errors whatsoever

BUT, when i tried scripting it so the animation would play, the animation only worked on the first segment (directly parented to the humanoid root part)
There are no errors on the script, i tried re-making the rig but it still doesn’t work.
How do i fix this?


I am not an animating expert, but try making the animation priority an “action”

Welp you need to Copy The KeyFrame at the first line and paste it at the end of animation editor bar to Loop the animation.

That isnt the problem though, the other keyframes just dont work???
like, they are fine on the animation plugins and all, but when i use the one script to load the animation, some keyframes just dont work.

Welp! Just found out the plugin i was using to rig was malfunctioning, so now i just need to re-do the rigs and animations :cowboy_hat_face:
Thanks anyways, to everyone who helped :slight_smile: