Animation glitches when player died

When player die walking animation start playing on respawn (default roblox animate script)

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Could you explain a little bit more?

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look if player is walking and died he will respawn with walk animation over idle

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You said you are using the original default animate script? or you did forked it and edited it?

Thats not a normal behaviour if you didnt edited anything, or if you dont have any extra scripts dealing with animations.

Or is this a new bug in Roblox? if thats the case will be patched soon

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original roblox “animate” local script

Other scripts in your game handling anims?

no other scripts only roblox animate

So if you create a new blank baseplate, this error still happening?
Under what circumstances this occurs?

no, only in main game

when player dies
btw forgot to add this glitch visible only for other players, its not visible for player that died

I think that is enough evidence that theres something in your game that is causing this glitch.
If this error doesnt occur in a new blank baseplate, then its something in your game.

Without further information of the scripts in your game, its not possible to find the source of the glitch you are experiencing