Animation I made to practice

Hello, fellow developers!
I thought that I should try to improve my animating, so I made this animation in my free time, not sure if I will want to add this to a game. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!


Hi, looks good! Maybe try showing the impact of the landing? That would make it more realistic.

Oh, thanks, I actually tried to before posting this, but I’ll try again!

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Personally i feel like the animation is going from point A to point B.
If your going for realism i’d recommend not making the character going too far this could be fixed not making the character movement not that exagerated.

Obviously exaggeration is something special about animations that makes then entertaning from real life, Realistic and sketchy animations are very different of course!
I’d recommend to experiment a little movement in real life or perhaps some exercise
You should think about physics and gravity to make this animations look a lot smoother
obviously including some effort. Keyframes will always be there to be remade or edited if you’r not happy with them!

I hope this helps, Personally i feel like watching animations from this communnity has helpt me a lot to understand realism, Take some breaks and watch other animations, Practice will make it a lot better over the time.

You could learn more detailed about this topic from Jespone’s post if you haven’t already to see more details about anyways… I conclude with this post, Happy development! :grin:


Thank you for your feedback, I actually made my animation after reading that post! And my goal was to make it extra exaggerated, though you’re right, this might be too much, I’ll probably mess with it for a while until I find something that looks really nice, and again, thanks for the feedback. Have a great day/night!