Animation Id Trouble

I am trying to make an NPC continuously wave, but the output keeps saying that it failed to load the animation.

Here is the exact thing the output says:

18:40:15.279 - Animation “” failed to load in “Animation.AnimationId”: Animation failed to load

18:40:15.318 - Animation “” failed to load in “Animation.AnimationId”: Animation failed to load

Here Is My Script
while true do
local animation ="Animation")
animation.AnimationId = ""..animationID
local loadedAnimation = script.Parent.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)

and yes I do have a script to fire it, any help with this would be great, thanks!:grin:

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Your issue is the %22, try changing



Also just a note, you can run animations from the client and it will still replicate.

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ok, thanks for that it is working now, also thanks for the client note I thought it was necessary to use the server, but I guess not.

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No problemo, happy I could help.