Animation is broken when on ground? (legs moving with the ground)

In this animation, I am trying to make a simple sliding animation with body vector pushing them in that direction, however the sliding animation is “half played” and is instead played with the walking animation, I have 0 clue on how to fix this, i’ve switch the action priority’s and nothing has worked.

Literally any help is appriciated, this is my first time using animation so keep in mind my animation is really bad, but anyways,

What I want to happen:

Animation in the editor

What happens:

Gyazo link to the ingame test of the animation

any help is appreciated

Change priority to action4 might work.

Set priority to action and disable looping


Disable the walking idle jumping anims etc and play that anim only and set it’s priority to action then when it finishes enable the anims again also turn off loop on the anim bc it looks like it’s playing too many times.

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