Animation is floating (moon animator)

I hired this person to make an Orca animation and he made it with moon animator. The problem is on his computor it looks fine but on our studio it animates away above the ground and parts like fin and jaw is detaching. Anyone knows why it does this and how to fix it?

I don’t know what terrible thing must have happened, but it could just be a problem with the motor6ds or any other attachments/welds you put on it. It’s either that or it’s the positioning of the parts attached adjacent to the main orca part, im fairly new to animation and those two issues are the only ones i’ve got real experience with.

Another plausible reason is that some parts may be anchored, but im sure that has been resolved.

Can you ask him to try and fix the animation using the Roblox animator?

also check the pivot points and the basepart (usually the humanoidRootPart)