Animation is played weirdly when player's character is moving

  1. What do i want to achieve:
    I want the animation to stop following characters movements whenever the player is moving, basically stop the weird animation when the player is moving.

  2. What is the issue:
    Paper is not getting placed in the players hand correctly

robloxapp-20230917-1233027.wmv (4.3 MB)

3.What solutions have i tried so far:
Looked all over the devforum but haven’t found a solution
tried fixing the issue using the roblox animation editor but still haven’t found a solution.
My last option is the devforum, so any help would be appreciated, Thanks!


Humanoid.Running should do the trick for you.

humanoid.Running:Connect(function (speed)
	if speed == 0 then

But doesn’t this make the animation stop whenever the player is moving, is there a way to be able to do this or not?


What are you talking about? The code provided plays the animation when the speed is greater than 0 and it stops it once there’s no velocity.


There’s only 2 fixes, either use this script to stop the animation manually when the player stops moving or set the animation’s priority to Idle.

oh ok, so if i where to set the animations priority to idle, would it fix the issue im currently experiencing, because the script that you gave me just stops the animation if the player is walking

Yes, if the animation’s Priority is Idle then it will stop when the player is moving.

Is it possible to stop the animation following the players movement whenever the player is walking because i want the player to hold the paper in players hand but the weird animation whenever the player is walking is causing an issue to it

Just add a keyframe for the limb and its children, for ex. if you add a keyframe for arm, do it for the hand too, its usually done automatically but maybe that could be the issue, just adding one keyframe at the start and at the end of the animation for the moving hand would probably fix the issue

Like this?

click the arrow on the left of the LeftUpperArm box and see if their children have their keyframes set, do the same for RightUpperArm

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