Animation Keyframes not showing up for mesh bones

Hi, I am making a FPS game. I have a problem when I am animating the viewmodel.
When I move the mesh bones, I get no keyframes. Only the Motor6D keyframes show up (This is a hybrid model.)

Animation Editor: (ignore my bad animation skills)

Workspace Hierarchy (note: there is no humanoid, I just named it HumanoidRootPart):

Is this because of combining Motor6D and bones? Or did I miss something.


This is a really annoying problem, especially for animators like me. There simply is no consistent fix for this yet, or if there is then i do not know it. Maybe try setting the hierarchy of all your motor6’d. I hope they finally get their **** together and fix it.

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Dang, that kinda sucks. I’m just going to use motor6d rigs now until roblox fixes this. Thanks for letting me know that it’s not just me.

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